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Media Walls

Are you thinking of upgrading your living space? Do you perhaps desire your living room to look more unique, vibrant, and inviting, so you could impress your friends and colleagues? Then, don’t go far away and check out Media Wall with Fireplace! Currently, one of the hottest trends in interiors, making huge waves in the designers’ world, becoming a must-have feature for modern-day homes.

Our Media Walls fireplace models can help you create a central hub for entertainment in your home and your living room will become a popular gathering place for family and friends.

We have a large selection of modern electric fireplaces in different styles & sizes, suitable for installation into Media Walls. Whether you’re looking for a cosy addition to your living room or a striking feature in your apartment, our Media Wall Fires are the perfect choice. Don’t miss out and check them out!

And always remember: it's your space, so it's your design, your rules, and with Media Walls ideas, the configurations are truly endless. Indulge in your favourite films or TV shows accompanied by the gentle, soothing glow of a fire —the ideal setting for a perfect evening in!

Media Wall Fireplace FAQs

Media walls is a popular and modern interior design choice. These walls transform your living space into something stunning! A media wall consists of a TV being placed onto a wall in your home and an electric fire placed above or below the TV.
How much does a media wall cost UK?
Ready made media wall fireplace prices can start from around £300 to £500. Mid Range models prices are in the range from about £500 to £1,500. While High End Custom Designs media walls can range from £1,500 to over £5,000.
What are the benefits of a Media Wall Fireplace?
Effective space management:
instead of having your TV on a stand or cabinet placing it on the wall saves space in your living room. This space could be used in a better way such as for more guest seating space or even a desk to work on.
Improved aesthetic quality:
a media wall fireplace looks fantastic! It combines two of the most prominent features of your living room to create a handy and aesthetically pleasing feature that will instantly impress your guests.
Adds value to your home:
media wall fire is an affordable way to add value to your home. These features make your house feel and look luxurious and expensive.
What is the ideal size for a media wall fireplace?
For a 32 - 48 inch TV: Choose a fireplace between 800mm and 1200mm in width.
For a 50 inch TV: 1200mm - 1500mm.
For a 55 inch TV: 1300mm-1600mm.
For a 60 inch TV: 1500mm - 1800mm.
For a 65 inch TV: 1600mm - 1800mm.
For a 70 to 75 inch TV: 1800mm - 2400mm.
For TVs over 80 inches: Maintain a fireplace width between 1800mm and 2400mm.
What are the key factors to consider when selecting a media wall fireplace?
Budget: Does the electric fireplace align with your budget? Establishing a budget beforehand can help you narrow down the choices without compromising on quality.
Space Compatibility: Will the fireplace fit comfortably within the designated area in your living room? It’s crucial to measure your space and ensure that the dimensions of the fireplace will accommodate it appropriately.
Visual Harmony: Does the media wall fireplace appearance integrate seamlessly with your existing decor? It's crucial for the visual elements to align to maintain a harmonious look throughout your space.
Can you buy a ready made media wall?
Yes, you can purchase ready made media walls. These ready-made units provide a practical and typically more cost effective solution compared to tailor made media walls.
Can you build a media wall with a fireplace?
Yes, a media wall may be incorporated with a fireplace to serve as the room's primary source of warmth and entertainment. When constructed properly, the media wall blends the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace with the practicality of entertainment elements, providing both safety and aesthetic harmony.
Are media walls expensive?
No. The cost of media walls range from £300 and can go over £5,000. This depends on size, brand, integrated technology and other factors.
Do media wall fireplace give heat?
Yes, media wall fires, particularly ones that are incorporated with electric fireplaces, produce heat with programmable settings to warm a room. These electric fireplaces are designed to offer both the mesmerizing appeal of flickering flames and the practical benefit of supplemental heating.
Will my fireplace burn my TV?
Electric fires are typically safe to install beneath a TV as their heat is emitted from the front or bottom, ensuring your TV remains protected.
What other components are typically included in a media wall?
Everything, anything is possible with a media wall, depending on an individual's needs, preferences and design aspirations. The configurations are truly endless, and that's the beauty of it. A typical media wall integration would include the following: shelves, cabinets & drawers, an electric fireplace & a tv stand. In our humble opinion, a Media wall with a fireplace provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your favourite artwork, photographs, and other personal touches, giving a more personal and inviting feeling to a living room. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s more about creating an environment where every element has a purpose and every detail matters.
How much are media walls with fire?
Media walls with integrated fireplaces can range anywhere from a few hundred pounds models to several thousand pounds for high-end, custom-designed installations.
Media Walls' customizable design, multifunctional nature, and space-saving benefits are the main reasons behind their growing popularity in modern UK homes. Its' customizable designs allow homeowners to tailor them to specific decor preferences while ensuring a clutter-free and cohesive presentation, creating a central hub for entertainment in your home.
Yes, As Media Walls organise multimedia components in a cohesive and visually beautiful manner, creating a clutter free living room. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a streamlined and modern approach to home entertainment. Having a media wall as your home's central entertainment hub, your living room will become a popular gathering spot for family and friends, allowing you to create a fun and engaging atmosphere for social events and parties. It's the perfect solution for everything from movie evenings to gaming sessions, get-togethers with friends or spending quality time with the kids.
For the construction of a media wall, plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are typical material options. In addition to their robust characteristics, simplicity of installation & customization, and smooth/clean finish, they serve as a sturdy yet flexible base for medial walls.
What kind of fire is suitable for a media wall?
Media walls are designed to be highly customisable and can accommodate various types of fireplaces including the following ones: electric fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and gel fuel fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are the best option for media walls because of ease of installation, safety features and lack of real flames. What’s more, they require no venting and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
Should the fire be bigger than the TV on a media wall?
The size of the electric fire in relation to the TV mostly relies on personal taste and design considerations. However, in most modern interior designs, the TV is often larger and more dominant than the fireplace, providing an optimal viewing experience, while the fireplace acts as a complementary feature in the design. It's crucial to maintain balance so that neither element would overwhelm the other, maintaining a harmonious and coherent appearance.

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